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HIRING Moderators, Developers, Marketing

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#1 Krauss


    The Star of Hope

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Posted 03 November 2016 - 02:46 AM

We are now hiring Moderators, Developers, and Marketing Staff.


Current amount of Moderators: 13


NOTE: If you have already applied on the original post for hiring, please post it here as well. This will tell me that you want the position you applied for and may perhaps make the hiring process for you go much faster.


Minimum Requirements:


- Active In Chat

- Knowledgeable With TDOANE's In-game rules

- Age 18 or Older

- Good Judgement

- Good Attitude Towards Fellow Players and Staff Members

- Willingness to answer questions and help out other players in game and on forums

- Ability to listen to criticisms made for the sake of improvement (Moderators mostly)


How to Apply


If you want to apply, please make a post replying to this thread, stating the following mandatory information needed and any additional side information which you can include.


Mandatory Information:


- State which position you are interested in

- In Game Name

- Age

- Known Languages

- Timezone


Additional Information:


Please add any if they are applicable to you, however if any information is required for the position you want you will NEED to add them in order to be considered for that position.



- Past experience moderating chats (If any)

- Photoshop and or Video Editing Skills (If any)



- Known programming languages (Required, preferably C++/Lua)

- Current job working as a programmer (If any)



- Marketing skills and or connections (If any)

- Experience in advertising (If any, please describe your experience)

- Plans on how to advertise the game (Required)

- Photoshop and or Video Editing Skills (If any)


After submitting an application, you are to wait for an Admin to contact you to see if you will be interviewed, we will only interview you if we feel that you will be a good fit in the staff based on the requirements above. If we don't think you are a good fit for the staff we will try to get in contact with you to tell you so.


How to make sure you are considered for the position:


1. Stay active in chat, the more the staff notices your characteristics the easier it is for Administrators to consider you for the position.

2. Refrain from breaking rules, any past breaches of rules will be considered but any violations prior to your post will strongly go against you becoming a part of the staff.

3. Especially for those who want to become a Moderator, answer player questions in the chat and help channel.

4. Do NOT Mini-mod.


Things to keep in mind:


- The cap for the amount of Moderators is 12, if we already have 12 Moderators then you will have to wait until a position opens up, only rarely will we ever go over the limit. We will put our current amount of Moderators at the very top of the post.

- Be patient, do not bring up topics of interviews of any sort in the chat, pm, forum, or duels, if you are waiting you are doing so for a reason. 

- If you have made any edits to your application, please make sure to write a note saying so on your post including the current date of which you made the edit.


Thank You & Good Luck.


Disclaimer: The hiring process for Moderators is highly selective, we take each application under heavy consideration and are sorry if you are not selected for the position.


Change Log:


August 2, 2017


- Added: "4. Do NOT Mini-mod.", under "How to make sure you are considered for the position:" section.

- Changed cap of amount of Moderators to 12 from 15.

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#2 xerowolf



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Posted 03 November 2016 - 03:00 AM

- Interested in Moderator


- In Game Name: xerowolf


- Age: 32


- Known Languages: English (Speak Spanish and Korean)


- Timezone: Central Time Zone 


- Past experience moderating chats: I use to work for at&t online customer service for 3 years until I got out of college and started my online company.

#3 WickedSorcerer


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Posted 03 November 2016 - 03:00 AM

Greetings. I am known as the Wicked Sorcerer, however my username is very ironic from my own personality. Like the others, I am trying out as a moderator. My age may not meet the requirements for becoming a moderator, however I do not see why could be rejected from this offer. I am online everyday and love helping others. If curious, my timezone is EDT and it would be my pleasure to help fellow duelists. I speak three languages including english, french as well as korean. I have a very persuasive personality therefore conflicts could easily be solved by myself. I am a fine duelist, not to brag. The reason I would be appreciated to become a moderator is because I would be completely honored to help and organize events. However, if my incomplete requirements to become a moderator are bothersome, please pardon for wasting your precious time reading this paragraph. If needed to contact, please, send a message to me as I shall respond as quickly as possible. I thank you in advance as I hope for a satisfying result.  




#4 Thoth



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Posted 03 November 2016 - 03:17 AM

In-Game Name: Thoth


Desired Position: Moderator




Known Language: English


Timezone: Eastern Standard


I do have reference links to my previously owned sites and events upon request if needed.



A little FYI:


I have already read and acquainted myself with all the rules provided in the Rules & FAQS section. I've played Yugioh competitively since Day 1! I have been to numerous Yugioh regional, YCS, and WCQ events. I have actually helped host the Maryland Yugioh Regionals for the past couple years. I work from my computer managing inventory for my family's business so I'm pretty much online constantly throughout the day. In the past I have successfully run my own online dueling academy, a few major dueling clans on other Yugioh apps/sites, and my own Yugioh forum page. I am very familiar with Yugioh rules and generic functions/expected behavior in and during forum chats and online Yugioh events. I am very knowledgeable about how to navigate the YgoPro app and forum page as well. I generally try to get along with others because I know that in the end we are all just trying to have fun and enjoy Yugiohhh!!!

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#5 BadGuyZephyr


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Posted 03 November 2016 - 03:30 AM

NAME/ POSITION APPLYING FOR:  A. Zephyr Fiennes       Applying for a Moderator position



Age:  28



Times Online:  I am usually online anywhere (and up to) from about 10a.m. to 5a.m. (yes a.m.), and while I may or may not be totally active either dueling, deck building or chatting for that ENTIRE time, I'm still usually online and just a few clicks away from switching back to TDOANE to see what's going on every now and then if I'm working on something else or away from my laptop. And I can be counted on to have that range of being online for 4 to 5 days a week, sometimes 6 during a slow week. My time zone is UTC/GMT -5 or Eastern Standard Time (EST) for the United States.



I have experience as a moderator on other sites. I am active in the public chat in-game and I do actually help people and answer questions, even during those "dead" hours, because I'm usually on and active during those times. I have an incredible eye for details and am highly attentive, as I usually catch things most people would or do not even notice. I follow the rules, and nudge certain people to not break the rules in chat without actually "mini-modding", and I have professional, academic and personal experience with and in numerous methods of conflict resolution and mediation so I can settle down a heated argument/a rowdy chat without falling victim to any trolling or people that insist on breaking the rules or debating the rules/staff actions. And perhaps most importantly, I wouldn't abuse the moderator position and I have no reason or interest in doing so, or being abusive towards any of the other players/members; plus I know all of the rules and I stay up to date on changes within TDOANE and the forum site, even then I make it a habit to consistently refresh myself on those things anyway, just to keep informed. I also speak and can read/write Spanish conversationally (as in Intermediate level, more than enough to help answer questions or assist Spanish speakers).


I'd make a great mod, but the decision isn't up to me, so I'll wait and hopefully I'll be accepted as one.

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#6 Yami no Game

Yami no Game

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Posted 03 November 2016 - 03:40 AM

- Interested in Moderator
- In Game Name: Yami no Game
- Age: 21 
- know lenguage: English and Spanish 
- Timezone: (GMT-3) Argentina
- I'm always active in the game and in chat, I have excellent relationship with Moderator (Marvel) has taught me much about it to be fair in judging duels and behavior of the duelists aen the public and Spanish chats .
Photoshop is using and handling the aplicasion "Magic Set Editor Plus 2.0 Pendulum" to create and develop new cards from Yu-Gi-Oh !.
I have experience in the game and I would like to help others so much to enforce the rules of this wonderful game of cards.
From already thank you very much.

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#7 LizzyBridger



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Posted 04 November 2016 - 04:07 AM

IGN: LizzyBridger

Interested in: Moderator position

Age: 24 yo

Languages spoken: Portuguese and English (can understand spanish but not speak in spanish properly)

Timezone: GMT -2 hours (Brazil, Brasilia Time).

Regular video editing skills 

I'm used to admnistrating online groups for quite a while now, both Facebook groups and Forums, like the Brazilian A2 forum. Since i currently cant work cause of some health problems I have, i'm usually online 18 hrs a day. I'm used to deal with social problems between people, because I also run a support group for disabled people in portuguese so Im always dealing with social interactions between people with different views. . 
I'm 24 years old and I duel since I was 10. I've been off the community for a while now but I think i've catched up on the new items of the game (such as pendulum monsters). 
I'm always trying to help other people, althought sometimes I may fail.

Hopefully I can make some difference, either being accepted as moderator or not. 

#8 Shiiine



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Posted 04 November 2016 - 02:02 PM

I want to apply for Mod


IGN (IN Game Name): Shiiine


Im 25 Years Old and play Yu-gi-oh since it come out.


Language: English, German


Timezone is: GMT+1


Im Mostly online at Weekends: 10 am - 22 pm GMT Time.


Im Mostly online in Week: at 14 - 22 pm GMT Time.


I was a Mod a few years ago here at TDOANE i want to be again to help other players.

#9 Whipwing



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Posted 04 November 2016 - 10:00 PM

- I wish to get the position of Moderator


IGN ( In Game Name): Whipwing


- I'm 20 years old and play yu-gi-oh since its official release 


- Languages : English , Italian, Spanish and also a little bit French and Japanese

- Timezone is : GMT +1


- I'm online almost all days of week 


- My aim is to help other duelists to understand and appreciate the true reason of the game with a fair and clean concept .


- About editing skills , I'm not really good with videos but I can edit pics and if you want I can create some cool arts 


Peace to everyone :)

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#10 VendeTTa-123


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Posted 05 November 2016 - 03:03 PM

Position: Moderator

Name: VendeTTa-123


Languages: English, Albanian, a little serbian, and a little german.

Timezone: GMT +2


I am online 4 hours online in a day minimum the only time i am busy is when i am in school or when i study no other work.

#11 Michie



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Posted 14 November 2016 - 11:32 PM

I am interested in marketing


- In Game Name: Michie

- Age: 19

- Known Languages: English,croatian

- Timezone: GMT+1

-Plans on how to advertise the game (Required):

It would be an advertisment on many social medias like Twitter,Reddit,forums,and even some facebook groups

Advertisment would be every day  when im free ofc

I would aslo make an image in photoshop to attract people to this server or even if i need to make an video or i can just give them one from youtube about TDONE

I would add all the features in TDONE and say why is it better then any other Ygo.




I would like to join marketing to help this server and forum gain even more players to become biggest and best Yugioh community

#12 Krauss


    The Star of Hope

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Posted 15 November 2016 - 02:08 AM

I am interested in marketing


- In Game Name: Michie

- Age: 19

- Known Languages: English,croatian

- Timezone: GMT+1


I would like to join marketing to help this server and forum gain even more players to become biggest and best Yugioh community

- Plans on how to advertise the game (Required)


Make sure to add this ^ to your post. Do not reply to my post and just edit your application.

#13 SilentAybss



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Posted 15 November 2016 - 03:17 AM

::Applying for Moderator Position::


Username: SilentAybss


Age: 25


Language: Chinese and English


Timezone: Pacific Time  Usa & Canada


Experience: I have  experience with video editing and Photoshop, I do a lot of design work. The Softwares I use are Adobe CS6 workshop. From Indesign,Photoshop,Illustrator.  I'm currently working as a graphic designer doing freelance work.With Video Editing I have done my own video editing when I created my own youtube channel link is provided down below. I used Imovies a lot in terms of video editing and thumbnail editing on youtube.


My Channel: https://www.youtube....funnybunnyasian


My past experience in chats are www.chatango.com I used to be a moderator for chatgroups and I have been in many forum websites such as http://www.xgenstudios.com forums and http://wartune.r2games.com forums a lot of these websites are gaming websites which is where I tend to be ocassionally.


Reasons For Position:

I would like to give every possible help I can for the community and have fun with the rest of the group and staff.



Thank you for reading my application.





#14 Voidknight



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Posted 25 November 2016 - 01:11 AM

hello my 

in game name is : voidknight 

im 18

and i wanna try t be a moderator 

langauges are french english

time is canadian 

also i like helping people any way i can

and want to do it for the sake of it

#15 Yami18


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Posted 25 November 2016 - 06:00 AM

Position wanted: Moderator


IGN: Yami18


Age: 18


Languages: English a little bit of Spanish


Time Zone: MST (Mountain Standard Time) US


I like helping people out when i can and want to help even more!

#16 Herowolf


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Posted 26 November 2016 - 07:48 PM

- State which position you are interested in: New Role - War Entrepreneur
- In Game Name: Herowolf
- Age: 25
- Known Languages: English / a little French (don't have a word for Entrepreneur) / a little German / a little of that. 
- Timezone: GMT
Additional Info:
Right, so hear me out. I want to rekindle the old times of teams warring each other and being competitive. I've been playing YGO 2002 and other than playing IRL, my favourite aspect war warring online as part of a team. A lot of people won't know what I mean by it check out my update to the teams and wars suggestion:
What experience do I have?
  • Member of several teams in the post on old forums / forgotten sims
  • Was part of a war council or an old forum
  • Motivation to want to get more teams interested
  • Understanding and fair
  • Experienced YGO player IRL and online
  • Currently have my own team warring others actively


What I would need for this role?

  • A motive for players to join TDOANE, register teams, and war. Just a prize system, whether it be gold from the other team/out of our own pocket or diamonds.
  • To maintain this the easiest solution would be a ranking a system. Similar to the current ranking system in Singles/Matches. However in the short-term could just use a 3rd party tool in which teams add their losses/wins to. Ofcourse myself / other staff will have admin access to this in case of disputes. And give out the prizes / refresh every season.


Why this would benefit TDOANE?

  • Would entice more active/competitive people to play TDOANE.
  • Resulting in more donations
  • More donations, better infrastructure, more staff, quicker updates

Otherwise, I might be able to offer help in Developing. I know basic C##, but mainly writing scripts in VBS/Powershell/SQL queries. My current role is a Server and DB Analyst.

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#17 **Unknown**



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Posted 05 December 2016 - 09:38 PM

My in-game name is **Unknown**. I am 21 years old and I speak English and Spanish (my Spanish is not yet fluent, but I am working on it.) In addition, I am working on learning Japanese, Chinese, French, and Mandarin. I live in the US EST (-5 Hours). I was a former head administrator for a few failed site and I was a second-in-command for a Dueling Academy. Additionally, I was a moderator and Event Organizer for Xenon Duel Academy and I am a moderator for a roleplaying channel on Pokemon Online. I have about six months of experience in image editing and I am teaching myself video editing. I have been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! since 2004 and I consider myself to be quite proficient on the rules.

#18 DeharaRules


    Demon Hunter

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Posted 13 December 2016 - 09:04 AM

-Position: Moderator
-IGN: DeharaRules
-Age: 25
-Known languages: English - Greek - Albanian
-Time zone: UTC +2
-Why to become mod: 1) I know all T.D.O.A.N.E. rules.  2) i have alot exp with the game.  3) i want to help people.  4) i want to help with  tournaments/events judging.

i hope i will hear back from you guys.

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#19 3-_-6


    Frightfur Monarch

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Posted 13 December 2016 - 05:10 PM



​Known languages: Spanish - English - gaelic - French (a little bit)

​Time zone: GMT +1

Posistion: moderator

​Why I am a great choice for moderator:

I am a friendly TDOANE user who loves a great joke and can always be counted on to make you laugh however, when I am needed to be serious I will be which is great as it makes me appear a friendly person but intimidating when I need to be. I know all the TDOANE rules and am practically stalking help channel so that I can answer questions, I am a great listener. I am a skilled duelist who is very active on both forums and the actual game; I also do some great GFX which would allow me to help the game and I have some photoshop skills but not too many. I am good at picking out the little details in a story and that skill fits mod position perfectly. I also have knowledge of how to moderate as I was previously a mod on Dueling network before it was shut down. I hope you consider me for the job!

​Thx!!!!   :D  :D 


http://ygopro.club/i...6-art-gallery/ =  link to an example of my GFX work!         P.S. I have applied on both of the previous two mod auditions

​EDIT: I have realised that during the early hours of the morning there are barely/no moderators online at all where as I am on at these times so would therefore be a great addition to the moderating team

#20 Herowolf


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Posted 13 December 2016 - 06:41 PM

Position: Mod

IGN: Herowolf

Age: 25

Known Languages: English / Partial French & German

Experience: Was a mod on YVD, judged on DN, and current mod on ProDeck Discord.

Video Editing: https://www.youtube....irOfHbaqgXv0LpQ

Why Me? Even though I've been here for the short time compared to others, I've already made myself a name and constantly trying to improve TDOANE for people. I've helped people were others did not like just yesterday I gave someone the path for them to paste in their YDKs. I'm not afraid to take criticism or afraid to give it, whether they be staff or not. I'm also friendly and active. I will also probably end up doing more youtube videos as well, and if I was a mod, I'd focus these on and around TDOANE. As for YGO I've been playing since 2002, and in the short time I've been on TDOANE I'm currently in the top 20 in singles, and have the highest win ratio without using a Tier 1 deck. I can also offer some help from a technical side as I'm a SQL and Server specialist by trade.

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