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Battle City Rules 2016 - 2017

Battle City Rules battle city

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Posted 19 December 2016 - 05:06 PM


- TDOANE Rules and Terms of Service are applied by default.

- Tournament will follow current TCG Banlist.

-  TCG/OCG cards are allowed.


-Players can duel as many times as they wish in round 1 


- Players may not re-duel the same person unless they have dueled at least 2 different duelist before.


- All users will be placed on a table to help facilitate easy point tracking.

- All round 2 and 3 duels must be staff member spectated (Staff will NOT be allowed to judge there own Round 2& 3 duels).

- You may only use 1 specific deck for all of Round 2 & 3 (Deck switching will result in a automatic DQ).

- All participants start with 0 points and 0 wins going into Round 2, no matter what.

- You must duel every person in round 2, this is a Round Robin style tournament.

- In the event of a server crash, all matches being played during the crash are void. No exceptions.


Round 2 Match:

- 2-0 Win: 3 points
- 2-1 Win: 2 points
- Draw: 1 point
- Loss: 0 points

How can I receive a game/match loss?

1.1: Disconnection counts as a match loss.

1.2: Timing out counts as a game loss. Same rules apply for this.

1.3: Purposely stalling will result in a warning. If it occurs again then it will result in a game loss. (Staff discretion)

1.4: Harassing or otherwise causing issues during a game will result in a warning. If it occurs again then it will result
 in a game loss. (Staff discretion)

1.5: If a bug occurs during a tournament match, immediately report it to the staff that is spectating. If possible,
 provide screenshot evidence that this is occurring as well. If the bug is legitimate then the match will be restarted
from the beginning. (Error Occurs doesn't count)

1.6: If there is a server-wide crash, the match will be restarted from the beginning regardless of which game you're on.

1.7: Disconnects before rock/paper/scissors are complete do not equal a game or match loss. The match will be restarted.

How can I get disqualified from the tournament?

2.1: Switching decks (including side deck) during Round 2 or beyond will result in a DQ.

2.2: Purposefully altering scores or false reporting will result in a DQ. (This shouldn't occur if staff is spectating.)
2.3: Spectating tournament games in Round 2 or beyond will result in a DQ.


2.4: If you duel a player back to back without dueling at least 2 other players you will be DQ'd


2.5: If you enter with an alternate account or more than one account, both accounts will be Dq'd and possibly banned from the game. 


• You must be a staff member to judge.

• Issuing game/match losses are up to the judge spectating the duel itself.

• Disqualifications must be Admin  approved.

• In the event of a bug during a match, consult a Tournament Master/Global Moderator for further guidance.

• In the event of a server crash, the match you were judging is void.

• You are responsible for recording the results of the match you spectated/judged.

• If you have any questions consult with your peers.

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