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Field Simulator (No Images, I'm Artistically Inept)

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Posted 01 March 2018 - 07:30 AM

Because we obviously don't have enough Field Spell searching cards. This isn't quite the same as that, though.



[Field Simulator]



Banish 1 Field Spell from your hand or Deck; this card's effect is replaced by that card's original effects, also while this card is face-up on the field, apply the following effects:

* You can only control 1 "Field Simulator".

* If a Field Spell with the same original name as the Field Spell banished by this card's effect is face-up on the field; destroy this card. This effect cannot be negated.


At first glance, a silly variation of Metaverse.


At second glance, holy crap we can control two different Field Spells now.


For real though, I thought this card up last year after playing Over The Nexus and thinking about Turbo Duels. This card was created, in part, as an easy solution to various "Field Spells" that would automatically activate at the start of duels in the anime. Speed World and Speed World 2 for 5D's, Cross Over for ARC-V and whatever Field Spell is used in VRAINS (if any, I haven't seen much more than a few clips of VRAINS, though it looked to me like a Field Spell was in play most of the time.)


It wasn't JUST made for the anime, I promise. It does have uses in the real world card game. Perhaps you're in a Tag Duel and don't wish to interrupt your partner's plays by using your own Field Spell over theirs. Perhaps you've just had Set Rotation used against you and you have no way to get rid of the card taking up your Field Spell zone. Or, obviously, you wish two use two different Field Spells without


I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted to have it banish the Spell from the hand and have it be too bricky, or have it banish it from the hand or Deck and have it resemble Metaverse even more than it already does. Ultimately I decided with the latter because bricking sucks. The first draft did have the additional effect of retrieving the banished Field Spell to your hand when Field Simulator was destroyed, which I ultimately decided against.


The last two effects are there primarily to prevent people from using the same Field Spell/Field Spell effects twice at the same time. The "This effect cannot be negated" is there entirely because of Imperial Custom, without which it would prevent Field Simulator from blowing itself up and, again, allow people to use the same Field Spell twice at the same time. Imperial Custom can protect it from the likes of MST, Twin Twisters, Heavy Dust Storm and other forms of back row destruction, but that's about the extent of it.


Also, note that its name does not become the banished Field Spell's name, and it is not treated as a Field Spell itself, in case that wasn't obvious. As such it won't be protected by Field Barrier or Elemental Training if Field Simulator takes "Temple of the Elemental Lords"'s effects or anything like that. And yes, Zeradias, Herald of Heaven (and every monster that requires a Field Spell to live) will still kill itself even if this is on the field.


I'm also not sure whether or not I should allow the banished Field Spell's destruction effect to trigger from Field Simulator's destruction, such as Mound of the Bound's search effect or Fire King Island's front row wipe effect. The jury's still out on that.



Wow, I really didn't mean to turn this into an essay-length design brief. My apologies.

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